1. Warranty

Travois hereby provides the following warranty to the Client for the first registered owner of the Van:

  1. If the Conversion reveals a workmanship defect (i) within three years of this agreement; or (ii) before being driven 36.000 Miles, whichever comes first, Travois may (1) repair the component; (2) replace component; or (3) take one or more other actions that Travois deems appropriate in the circumstances. This paragraph 1(a) covers only defects caused by Travois’s workmanship related to the conversion of the Van. It does not cover other workmanship defects, including those defects stated in paragraph 1(b), below.
  2. With respect to the warranty provided in this provision 1, the Client acknowledges the following:
    1. Travois is not providing any warranty in respect of the Van except as specified in this provision.
    2. The warranty in this provision does not cover other defects such as defects in components used in the Van.
    3. The warranty in this provision only extends to the first registered owner of the Van.
    4. The warranty in this provision will begin for the Van when the New Vehicle Information Sheet (NVIS) is registered for that van.
    5. Travois may modify the warranty in this provision on reasonable notice to the Client, for any reason that Travois deems necessary,
    6. including to comply with the Upfitter Conditions.
    7. If the Upfitter Conditions impose a warranty obligation on Travois that is more comprehensive than the one stated in this provision, the Upfitter Conditions warranty will prevail only to the extent necessary to bridge the gap in coverage.
    8. If the Client wants to make a claim under the warranty in this provision, the Client shall give prompt written notice to Travois as soon as the Client becomes aware of a potential issue that could give rise to a warranty claim. If the Client fails to do so or if the Client attempts repairs through a third party, Travois may void the warranty in this provision.

2. Limitation of Liability

The Client may not commence action against Travois for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages arising out of this agreement. The Client’s remedies in respect of this agreement are limited to reimbursement of the purchase price, less the Deposit Amount.